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Anthony Glinoer

The Literary and the Social

ISBN: 978-3-906817-12-5
DOI: 10.13098/infoclio.ch-lb-0008
Publication date: 2019


Literature is never isolated from the social world, and there has been no shortage of works written to develop, intensify or illustrate that statement. Literature originates in specific social practices and every literary text, regardless of its author’s intentions, echoes its surroundings, whether they be individuals, things or discourses. This anthology brings together the major open-access texts (Lenin, Lukács, Goldmann, Bourdieu, Angenot, Dubois, etc.) which have examined the relationships between the literary and the social. Classified chronologically, it invites various outstanding approaches such as sociocriticism, literary history, Marxism and the sociology of fields to dialogue with one another. It also provides a large space for very recent research in which the sociology of literature intersects with discourse analysis, history or psychoanalysis. The anthology is accompanied by an introduction that recounts the history of the schools of thought that have enriched literary and social reflection since the beginning of the 20th century.